Customer Notice

                  1. Before ordering, the user first estimates the total capacity of the electrical appliances you use, the input voltage range and the power distribution and operating environment requirements of each output group.
                  2. The transformer is designed and manufactured strictly according to the relevant national standards. When you use the multi-winding tap voltage, the sum of the currents cannot exceed the maximum current capacity of the winding to avoid burning the transformer.

                  3. Before installation, carefully check whether the data listed on the nameplate meets your requirements, and confirm that it is correct before installing and using.

                  4. After power-on work, the transformer core and coil will heat up (but the temperature rise does not exceed 80 °C). If smoke occurs, turn off the power switch and re-check the power supply capacity you use.

                  5. In transportation and storage, collision should be avoided as much as possible. Do not get wet. When applicable, please pay attention to maintenance to ensure the service life of the transformer.