China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Intelligent Manufacturing System Integrator Alliance Inaugural Meeting Held

                  2018-12-06 1212

                        On May 30th, the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Intelligent Manufacturing System Integrator Alliance and China Intelligent Manufacturing System Solution Providers Alliance Power Equipment Alliance ("Affiliate") inaugural meeting was held in Nanjing, the meeting was organized by China Electrical Equipment Industry Association (referred to as " Sponsored by China Electric Power Association), undertaken by Jiangsu Jingxin Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute. Deputy Director of the former Ministry of Machinery Industry Lu Yanxi and Ye Meng of the Equipment and Equipment Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. The meeting was chaired by Guo Zhenyan, vice president and secretary general of the China Electricity Council.

                    Lu Yanxi pointed out that the focus of current industry work should be placed on the supply side structure adjustment, how to use structural adjustment to improve efficiency, and need to dig deep into the demand, so that the member companies of the alliance can really benefit. In addition, the industry chain should be further improved. Before the intelligent manufacturing, the basic problems of difficulty should be solved in time. Improving product quality, reducing production capacity and improving efficiency are what the electrical industry should do. Industry companies should be prepared for danger and solve future development problems.

                    Ye Meng said that information technology and manufacturing methods are an important part of intelligent manufacturing. The fundamental way of intelligent manufacturing lies in product upgrading and structural adjustment. Smart manufacturing should change production methods and profitability. He pointed out that since 2015, in promoting the development of the intelligent manufacturing industry, a total of 308 projects have been promoted, and 206 pilot demonstration projects have covered 82 industries. This year, it is expected to reach around 100 industries, and as far as possible, benchmarking enterprises in each industry will be The foundation of intelligent manufacturing development. In promoting the standardization of intelligent manufacturing, seven national standards and 74 international standards were formulated, and the guidelines for the construction of standards systems were revised. In the area of nurturing system solution providers, a local alliance is established. This year, around the introduction of regulatory conditions, to the qualified suppliers to make an announcement. Ye Meng said that the follow-up work will be carried out from four aspects: filling up the short board; promoting application through pilot demonstrations, creating system solutions for sub-sectors, cultivating public service platforms, serving small and medium-sized enterprises; laying the foundation for intelligent manufacturing development, The construction of the platform around the industrial Internet provides support for the internal and external networks of the enterprise; Ye Meng hopes that the Alliance can build bridges, fully investigate the needs of the industry, and make active contributions to the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manu

                    Liu Changsheng, executive vice president of the China Electricity Council, read out the decision on the establishment of the alliance. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other government departments, the Alliance has formulated an intelligent manufacturing standard system and implementation roadmap for the field of electric power equipment. According to the industry's intelligent manufacturing implementation survey and case analysis, research on intelligent manufacturing solutions adapted to the power equipment industry, and propose to the government departments the power equipment industry to promote smart manufacturing strategic measures. Liu Changsheng said that the alliance will serve as an internal organization for intelligent manufacturing in the China Electricity Association, guiding and supporting the industry to achieve intelligent transformation of manufacturing models.

                    Zhou Yanlun, vice chairman of the China Electricity Council, presided over the deliberation of the alliance charter and voted on the bill of the alliance.

                    Wang Wei, deputy secretary-general of the China Electricity Council, made a report on the work of the alliance and a work plan for 2018. Wang Wei analyzed the current situation of intelligent manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading. Intelligent manufacturing has promoted a new round of industrial transformation. The market potential of intelligent manufacturing systems is huge. Intelligent manufacturing in the field of power equipment has achieved a lot of success at this stage, with the introduction of product and equipment, the operation of intelligent production lines, and the application of intelligent service modes. However, there are still some difficulties in industrial development, and it is necessary to work together to advance.

                    In the special report session, Dong Jingchen, chief expert of the Manufacturing Research Office of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, gave a report on "China's Intelligent Manufacturing Development Strategy". Yin Tianwen, Dean of the Shanghai Electric Science Research Institute, made "The Development Status and Application Prospect of Intelligent Manufacturing in the Low-voltage Electrical Industry". Report, Yang Bin, Vice President of Phoenix (China) Investment Co., Ltd. made a report on "Practice and Thinking under the Trend of Industry 4.0 New Industrial Revolution", Xu Honghai, Dean of Shanghai Industrial Automation Instrumentation Research Institute, made "The Trend of Intelligent Manufacturing in the Field of Power Equipment" The report, Li Zheng, Central Research Institute of Harbin Electric Group Co., Ltd., made a report on "Long-distance operation and maintenance of large-scale power equipment and fault diagnosis".

                    The meeting made suggestions and suggestions on the development of China's intelligent manufacturing from various aspects and ended up in a warm exchange.

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