The three major development trends of the elevator industry in 2018

                  2018-12-06 967

                        In the past two years, the impact of slowing macroeconomic growth and real estate regulation and control policies has declined. In the past 16 years, the real estate market has gradually recovered. As an important supporting industry in the elevator industry, the overall market growth is on an upward trend compared to last year. At present, China has become the world's largest elevator producer and consumer, with more than 4.5 million elevators, and has formed a billion-dollar market. In the next few years, market development is still expected to maintain a positive growth trend. The following analysis of the new trend of the elevator industry development.

                    1. "Intelligence" has become the main theme of the transformation and development of the elevator industry

                    After the elevator industry experienced the year of shuffling last year, many elevator companies are changing. Under the pressure of finding new growth points, major elevator manufacturers in China have transformed themselves and established future development strategies based on their own advantages and ideas. Express passenger elevators from the "high-end intelligence" force, relying on the UK's strong research and development strength and based on the talent advantage of China's local, based on the automation of the elevator production process, robots, Internet of Things, intelligent manufacturing and elevator enterprises The integration of manufacturing capabilities, cutting into the field of intelligent manufacturing, has become the elevator enterprise in the forefront of transformation and development, which is bound to be the development direction of the elevator industry in the future.

                    2. After the maintenance of the market, the market has become the new blue ocean of the elevator industry.

                    At present, the number of elevators in China exceeds 4.5 million. According to the calculation of 5,000 yuan/year, there are nearly 20 billion space in the maintenance market. Under the background of frequent security problems, the market after maintenance is expected to develop. Elevator companies can see the outbreak of the market after the installation of maintenance and maintenance, and seize the opportunity, and the company's top management is in charge of the overall layout of the maintenance business. In recent years, when the maintenance market is becoming the second growth point of elevator enterprises, the proportion of elevator maintenance income is gradually increasing, which greatly increases the company's financial strength.

                    3. Elevator independent research and development technology will be updated

                    In the market environment, the elevator industry is becoming more and more fierce, and the vicious competition based on price is not sustainable. Express passenger elevators rely on technology research and development to break through the market and upgrade the “price war” to “value war”. In recent years, elevator companies have closely matched the market and met the needs of users. They have made rapid breakthroughs in the research and development of machine room-less elevator technology, permanent magnet synchronization technology, passenger identification system, fingerprint identification system, villa home life elevator technology, and strive for product quality. The perfect person continues to gain an advantage in the competition, and the market continues to expand.

                    In the economic downturn of the past two years, the elevator industry has formed a development situation of “the stronger the stronger, the weaker the weaker”, and the new development stage of the elevator industry with the recovery of real estate.

                    In the future, the elevator industry will continue to invest in a new round of transformation and upgrading campaigns with its strong strength and forward-looking strategy. However, how to stabilize the market position, how to lead the industry to open up a new situation, and develop in a more scientific direction. It is a problem that requires elevator companies to think more.

                    Elevator technology will increase rapidly. Earlier, many developers and manufacturers in China were skeptical about the fourth-generation machine room elevator technology, but now, the new fourth-generation machine room elevator technology has become the elevator development next year. aims. The new generation of elevator technology is still developing rapidly. At present, the most important new elevator technologies are: permanent magnet synchronous technology, passenger identification system, fingerprint identification system, villa home living elevator technology and so on. It can be seen that whoever has advanced technology will have the killer to seize the opportunity in the elevator market.

                    In 2018, enterprises will pay more attention to the research and development of elevator technology. If they do not pay attention to the development of new products, they will lose market advantage in the future. In the past, the industry recognized the recognized elevator manufacturers. In recent years, they have not introduced advanced technology. At the same time, more elevator manufacturers are rapidly developing new products. After several years of improvement, new products have matured and are constantly being introduced to the market.

                    At present, 360-degree panoramic sightseeing elevators, fan-shaped sightseeing elevator sales agents, three-door elevators, and flat-view elevators are all domestically produced. Residential and villa elevators have more new products and better quality than foreign products. Domestic small-tonnage residential and villa elevators have begun to use model production to optimize the quality of elevators.

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